Editorial calendar

Today I prepared for you also straightforward spreadsheets if you would like to have an editorial calendar for your blog or magazine, either in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

The file doesn't use any javascript or VBA macros or pivot tables. The file has three tabs:


You put all your article ideas and keep track of the status. Available statuses are Ideas, Researching, Writing, Editing, Release Candidate, and Published. Each level has it is of conditional formatting.


Here, I always plan my posts, newsletters, or anything else. For me its more visual effect of my schedule


Put here whatever you find exciting or inspirational for your articles.

If you want to add hyperlinks quickly in Excel or Sheets, click CMD or CTRL + K.

Here are some screenshots

If you want to use it:

  • MS Excel downloads the files.

  • Google Sheets, click the link, and then in the top left corner, in the menu bar, click FILE -> MAKE A COPY.


Microsoft Excel
4 Editorial Calendar
Download XLSX • 43KB

Google Sheets

Link to Google Sheets template

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