Expenses tracking sheet

As promised, my second post will be related to the expenses tracking sheet.

I prepared two files:

  • Simple version

  • Advanced version

Both files don't use any macros or javascript. Also, both files don't use pivot tables. And of course, I prepared them in Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel.

The simple version consists of three tabs.

  • Data input, where you dumb your expenses and tag them with appropriate category

  • Overview, where you specify your categories and monthly limits.

  • Planner, very, very simple one in which you plan your expenses for upcoming months. That is working for me well till now.

Data input


The advanced version has five tabs.

  • Data input same as in the simple version

  • Overview, but here you can see expenses for your subcategories and categories.

  • Chart, where you can slice your data to see in graph your expenses

  • Categories, I already prepare a list of 19 categories & 116 subcategories. I also left placeholders where you can create your types.

  • Behind the scene, I hide this tab. Here all the calculation is happening.


Chart with slicer

The key differences between the versions:

The simple version has only categories, which you need to fill on your own. There is no option for subcategories. However, this should be working well for most people.

The Advanced version is more for finance geeks where you want to track every single expense. By using this version, there is no option you will not track something.

General tips:

  • The best is to start with the planner. First, you put all your bills, payment which you know will happen in specific months. Then you put all birthdays, anniversary and all costs related to that. All planned vacations, trips, and if you plan any home renovation, you put it there. In General, you do some budget plan for this year.

  • Each Sunday evening, I dumb all receipts and bank history into the spreadsheet.

  • Every month end I revised the monthly planner to check if I'm still on track.

Don't forget to add your own Categories in the Overview tab (B3) in the simple version.

Business use

I was working on the advanced version to use it for business purposes as well. However, the spreadsheet grows so big that it couldn't fit into the term simple. Therefore I decided not to include this in this release. I will work on this in the next 3 days to release the expense tracker for project/business purposes. Sorry for that!!!

That's it. If you have any specific questions or need help with the spreadsheet, or you would like to change something, don't hesitate to reach me.

If you want to use it:

  • MS Excel just downloads the files.

  • Google Sheets, click the link, and then in the top left corner, click FILE -> MAKE A COPY.

Microsoft Excel