School Planner


Today I prepared a simple school planner. In the files, you can create your weekly schedules and keep an eye on tasks.

The file doesn't use any javascript or VBA macros or pivot tables. The file has 2 sheets:

Tab 1: Lessons

Here you fill out all your lessons and basic information about the teachers. This is also a data source for the list in the second tab.

Tab 2: Plan

Here you can find two things:

  • Schedule -> Week overview. Don't forget to add your timeslots in Cells A3-A25.

  • Tasklist -> where you keep an eye on homework, exams, etc. You can slice the data with the filters.

My example

If you want to use it:

  • MS Excel downloads the files.

  • Google Sheets, click the link, and then in the top left corner, in the menu bar, click FILE -> MAKE A COPY.


Microsoft Excel
3 School Planner
Download XLSX • 87KB

Google Sheets

Link to Google Sheets